Camping Food Made Better with These Nifty Tricks!

It’s summer in Spokane, which means camping season is in full effect!

Do you have a favorite campground to explore? Whether you are camping in a tent or in a cabin, there is nothing better than cooking by the campfire!

When cooking over an open flame, most people restrict themselves to simple things like hot dogs, burgers, and s’mores, but here are a few suggestions to help flesh out your campfire meals!

Use premade or packaged bread dough or biscuit dough to make campfire breadsticks to accompany your meal!

Section out the bread dough or take each pre-portioned biscuit and roll and stretch it in your hands to form a bread stick.  You can use skewers to pierce each breadstick, or use clean sticks found at your campsite to wrap the breadsticks around instead of skewering to create fun spiral breadsticks!

Spice it up!

A little melted butter or olive oil will help to give your breadstick a nice golden color, and help to bind any seasonings you may want to add. For lunch/dinner, adding a bit of minced garlic or garlic powder and Italian seasoning to your oil/butter will add a wonderful flavor to your breadsticks, whereas a mixture of cinnamon, sugar, and cacao powder will make for a fabulous dessert bread or breakfast treat!

Add a little protein!

Wrap dough around skewered hot dogs or sausages to make fresh pigs in a blanket! Wrap around your favorite string cheese stick for a cheesy treat that kids and adults alike are sure to love!

Looking for more ideas to up your campfire cooking game? Join us for our Gourmet Summer S’mores Class with Just American Desserts class Tuesday, July 17th in our Event Center! Eva Roberts, known for her amazing creations as the owner/operator of Just American Desserts, will teach you some wonderful new ways to make handcrafted s’mores that will amaze your family and friends on your next camping trip, or even at home around a fire pit!

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No matter where or how you choose to camp, we hope that you’ll think of us here at My Fresh Basket for all of your camping needs!