Our Vendors


Founded in Seattle, Ghostfish Brewing Company is a brewery with a mission to elevate gluten-free beer to the forefront of craft brewing innovation. All three founders are either gluten-intolerant or have loved ones who are. They believe fate brought them together to help rectify how the craft brewing revolution has left the gluten-intolerant drinkers behind. By combining traditional brewing methods with non-traditional ingredients, Ghostfish Brewing Company creates a constantly-evolving repertoire of beer styles.

With a focus on local ingredients, innovation, quality and creativity, No-­Li has been proudly brewing award-­winning beer in the heart of the Inland Northwest since 2012. At No-­Li Brewhouse, they strive to always be better. And it is their passion, experiences, and support from those in the Spokane community that continually improve who they are. No-Li takes great pride in their product, their staff, and their city. Spokane Style.

Iron Goat Brewing began as a casual conversation between two strangers, Greg and Paul, at a local bar in Spokane, Washington. What started as a common interest in motorcycles, ceramic horses, and home brewing, ended as a full-fledged brewery and taproom with a rotating selection of beers, sours, and bearded men. Iron Goat Brewing continually creates new and seasonal brews and often collaborates with other craft breweries. They stay involved in the brewing community in an effort to keep beer independent.

Twelve String Brewing Co has a fantastic brew system that has proven to be capable of brewing amazing beer! Their brewery utilizes a 7 barrel, steam fired brewhouse that they fabricated themselves. Using re-purposed food processing tanks for their mash tun and brew kettle they were able to create a fantastic brew system that has proven to be capable of brewing amazing beer.

It all started with a love for the Washington apple and a father’s day gift of an at home cider kit … and the rest is history. One Tree Hard Cider is made from locally grown ingredients right here in Washington State. When they started on the journey they wanted to use a wide range of ingredients and flavors in their hard ciders to show that it all starts with apples but it doesn’t end there! Whether you like your cider sweet or tart, you’ll find a One Tree Hard Cider just for you.

Iron Horse Brewery

Their story is a lot like their beer; unconventional. It’s the story of a semi-lost 20 something year old with a young family, who fell in love with the art and science of brewing beer, instead of finishing college, like he was supposed to. He may well still be brewing in his garage in Spokane if his father had not believed in him and offered to join him in business. There are a lot of rules and regulations about how things should be, and when it comes to their beer and their lives, they don’t care about rules. They care about innovation, taking risks, and authenticity.

Our journey as herbalists has led us to the fascinating alchemy of ancient historical fermentation traditions. It is our passion and intention to both resurrect these traditions, as well as play a role in the preservation of our earth’s most important ally… the honey bee.

The HMB is an organic brewery focused on wild fermentation and working from the ground up. In addition to the 2500 hop plants and wild fermentation project, there are 3 fermentors and 2 brite tanks for moving clean organic beers on the local market.


The journey of Barrister Winery began as two lawyers, Greg Lipsker and Michael White, were vacationing with their families in British Columbia. En route, they stopped in a local shop to buy wine and walked out with a five-gallon Zinfandel wine making kit. Barrister Winery has quickly become one of Washington’s favorite wineries. Known for making full-bodied reds, Barrister showcases its highly acclaimed Cabernet Franc as well as everyone’s favorite, Rough Justice. As Greg and Michael say, “the hobby got out of control, and we’re loving every second of it.”

Together with her husband Jim van Löben Sels, Arbor Crest’s General Manager and Viticulturalist, Kristina now celebrates over 16 years of handcrafting elegant, award-winning varietals for Arbor Crest. They remain committed to producing exceptional wines, using Washington’s best fruit, sourced from some of the most well established and respected vines in the state.
Named the 2015 Pacific Northwest Winery of the Year by Wine Press Northwest, Maryhill Winery is located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Goldendale, Washington. Maryhill Winery produces 80,000 cases annually, partnering with 13 growers and 24 unique vineyard locations in 8 of Washington State’s 14 major American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), making it a true representation of the state’s wine.Maryhill is known for its use of a wide variety of grapes to create truly affordable and approachable wines, which showcase the impeccable technique and artistry of the growers who produce them.
Townshend Cellar wines derive their distinctive flavors from extensive oak aging in small French and American oak barrels. We select grapes from the finest vineyards in the Columbia Valley.
Robert Karl Cellars is a boutique, Spokane, Washington winery producing handcrafted, premium, Cabernet Sauvignon, Claret, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, and a dry Cabernet Franc Rosé.
The grapes are from Horse Heaven Hills, an American Viticultural Area (AVA) of the Columbia Valley in Washington State by physician winemaker, Joseph Gunselman.

We strive to source our grapes from both well established vineyards and those ‘up and comers’ that we feel are well positioned in areas that allow for unique and complex expression of the fruit.

We typically employ a saignée method with many of our red varietals.  This technique allows us to remove 10 to 20% of the juice 24 to 36 hours after the grapes are crushed.  By doing this we concentrate the remaining juice left in contact with the skins, enhancing the color and complexity.  As well we can then ferment the initial removed juice into our popular Rose’.


Roast House was founded on and remains committed to sourcing only sustainably grown, organic, ethically traded coffees. They value planet and people as much as they value coffees with unparalleled clarity of flavor, liveliness and sweetness. They pride themselves on making buying choices that support forests, water quality, gender equality, food security and the future of the planet. They feel passionate about coffee. They love brewing coffee, talking about coffee, smelling coffee, dreaming about coffee and drinking coffee.

The power to inspire, bring people together, create warmth, energize, motivate, and start each day afresh. At Tom Sawyer Country Coffee, coffee is more than just a beverage. Coffee is an experience! Founder Gary ‘Tom’ Sawyer takes great pride in assuming the awesome responsibility of being your personal Roastmaster. With a remarkable 55+ years of coffee roasting experience, Tom selects only the highest grade coffees from around the world. Each coffee varietal, with its own unique characteristics and flavors, is roasted and blended for excitement in the cup.

A Family Owned Coffee Company based in Rathdrum, Idaho that roasts and sells only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans. H&H was started in 2007 with a passion for fine coffee with exceptional flavors and fresh taste in every cup.

Where the coffee meets the cup. Small batch. Big flavor.
When we started this company in 2000, our goal was to be an environmentally sound company that roasts great coffee. Or a company that roasts great coffee and is environmentally sound. Either way, we all win and it looks like we are on the right track. We act responsibly when it comes to all our purchasing decisions and the choices we make on operating the business. We do the best we can and we continue to learn.


At Bare Culture Kombucha, they strive to maintain the highest level of craftsmanship and quality in their Kombucha process. They want their customers to enjoy healthy, crisp Kombucha tea bursting with flavor. Bare Culture kegs their Kombucha so that every sip is just as fresh as the day it was made. Their Kombucha is made and bottled in Coeur d’Alene.

Our purpose is to help people get more out of life. They do this by simply doing what they do best: Blending the best fruits and veggies Mother Nature has to offer into the tastiest, nutrient-iest juices we can imagine. They try their best to do so in the most sustainable ways possible. They believe that if you drink good and do good, you’ll feel good. It’s really that simple.

Mandala Chai Company is eastern Washington’s first locally marketed, chai concentrate. They use only organic, local and fair trade ingredients purchased from markets in the inland northwest. This traditional masala chai is packed full of antioxidants and health benefits with no refined sugars, GMO’s or preservatives. Containing countless medicinal ingredients native to certain parts of India, the spices used have been mentioned in the Vedic texts and the ancient Ayurveda inscriptions of India. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs used these spices for their aphrodisiac & healing qualities. Mandala Chai Company is always consciously crafted in small batches, with intention and of course, love.


What is a Beefalo? It is a cross between a domestic cow and a North American bison. Beefalo Meats recognized the unaddressed dilemma of high cholesterol in red meat. This opened up the opportunity for their family operated ranch to provide consumers with an alternative. Their Beefalo are raised in Ellensburg on an “all natural, grass-fed diet”. They certify that no hormones, steroids, antibiotics or animal by-products are given to their cattle.


Snacktivist Foods is a family-owned and operated business in the Inland Northwest. They make the best handcrafted, dry-mixes available. All of their mixes are gluten-free, vegan and use a unique base of ancient grains.

Uncle Dan’s Seasonings and Salad Dressings has been making the best salad dressings, dips, and seasonings for over 50 years in Spokane. Their recipes are very low in fat and can be mixed using your favorite ingredients. Uncle Dan’s is perfect for individuals with dietary restrictions because you can customize your dressings and dips to meet your specific needs. In addition, their products are gluten-free with no added MSGs.

In 1949, Ed was a chef in Spokane, WA when his boss complained about the poor quality of the blue cheese dressing they served on salads. Ed responded to the challenge in an unorthodox manner: he prayed about it. The answer to his prayer was a blend of mayonnaise, spices, crumbled blue cheese and buttermilk. To his knowledge, his original recipe was the first creamy blue cheese dressing. From a small restaurant to a leading producer and marketer of refrigerated salad dressings, cheeses, dips, sauces, apple cider, and freeze dried herbs, Litehouse is a leader in the food industry with innovation and great consumer products, keeping a strong commitment to the employees and communities in which they operate.

The Rio Seasoning Company is a family owned business based in Deer Park founded by Diva and Richard Curtis. They go to great lengths to ensure that their Brazilian inspired seasonings are unique and of superior quality. They were created for those who love cooking and especially for those who love eating.

Mama Torres in Spokane makes fresh salsas using original family recipes from Leon, Mexico. Alice, Gilda’s mother, taught her daughter how to traditionally prepare their recipes. They honored Alice by naming their company after her. My Fresh Basket is one of only a handful of locations carrying Mama Torres salsa.

Victor Foods is the producer of the award winning Victor’s Hummus, Victor’s Jadra, and Falafel. They have 6 amazing hummus flavors. Their hummus flavors, on average, are about 1/2 the calories and 1/3 the fat of most national hummus brands. They boast the creamiest, smoothest hummus texture of any hummus. Victor’s hummus is made using organic beans and their products are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, & GMO free.

They believe if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it shouldn’t go into your body. Actually, it shouldn’t even go into your pantry. KIND® products are made from nutritionally-dense ingredients like whole nuts, fruits and whole grains – no secret ingredients and no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. They believe that people don’t need to choose between health and taste when it comes to snacking. They use premium, better-for-you ingredients that are kind to your body without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Off The Farm Foods is a group of family and friends that have a passion for creating nutritious high quality convenient foods that taste amazing and have the highest benefit to people and our planet. As chefs they love to create foods that people enjoy. Their mission is to find really fresh premium ingredients that are sourced as close to the farm as possible and processed the least and with the greatest care.

Wildbeary and its parent company, Shaver Farms, are owned by two sisters, Lori Mayfield and Charlene Shaver. They produce their all-natural huckleberry, sweet and savory fruit spreads, and rubs products by hand in small batches.The sisters rely upon a team of pickers that select only the sweetest huckleberries from the mountains of Idaho and Washington, and purchase their other fruit from the pristine Willamette Valley in Oregon. Their company philosophy is simple: provide high-quality products using all natural ingredients along with outstanding customer service.

Greenbluff Honey Farm is family-owned in Clayton, WA. They currently run between 800 – 1000 Hives. They enjoy the satisfaction that comes from working with their amazing creatures, and look forward to serving the local community by continuing to provide pollination for crops and some of the best Pure Raw Honey you will ever taste! My Fresh Basket has Greenbluff Honey Farm Honey available for bulk purchase. Just bring your jar with you when you come to do your shopping.

Spiceology provides you with loose spices. Purchase however much of any spice you want for a fraction of the price of spices in containers. Spiceology is chef-owned, so rest-assured knowing you have the best spices for your next cooking or baking adventure.

Owners Bob and Gail Emmons started the company located in Spokane, Washington. Bob fell in love with candied jalapenos over 20 years ago and successfully made his first homemade batch of peppers in 2011. B&G Sweet Heat Peppers do all of their processing in a non-profit commercial kitchen in the Spokane Valley. The peppers are ordered from a local produce wholesaler. Often times during the summer months, the peppers come from Wapato, Washington. All of the products used are all natural with no chemical, coloring, or artificial flavors added.

Barker BBQ is a home-grown bbq company that started as an instagram page sharing pictures of the latest cooks and grew to a company selling rubs. Their rubs feature Tom Sawyer coffee grounds, and just hit shelves at My Fresh Basket in March of 2018.

Booey’s “Original” Pepper sauce was the first sauce they created – starting 19 years ago in their home kitchen. After Casey had his first exposure to “hot wings” in Minneapolis, MN, he came home to Spokane with a mission to create an even better wing sauce. Through years of taste tasting and feedback from friends, family, and customers, he finally perfected the recipe – Booey’s Original Pepper Sauce. Since then, Casey has gone on to create 6 more sauces, 2 rubs and a BBQ knife!

Valley Candles uses US soy grown wax that is non-GMM (no genetically modified material) for a clean and smooth burn. They made sure to pick oils that did not have any harmful chemicals like; Phthalate (a plastic additive). All the oils used in Valley Candles adhere to RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) and IFRA (The International Fragrance Association) standards for safety and purity.

Fannie’s Ice Pops are made by hand in small batches right here in Spokane using seasonally fresh local and organic (whenever possible) ingredients. They don’t believe they need to hide the flavor of natural fruit, so they never use any of the yucky stuff – no refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or artificial colors. Their ice pops contain only fresh ingredients, herbs, spices and organic cane sugar (evaporated cane juice). All of their pops are dairy free, if it says ‘cream’, they use coconut milk. That’s it.

Poppy Ice Pops are made with real, wholesome, fresh fruit that is often times sourced from local farms in the greater Spokane area. We take pride in our small batch pops and make sure you are getting quality ingredients in every bite…or lick. Poppy was created with the intent of making a healthier alternative to the normal grocery store popsicle.

Eagles Song Health and Wellness and Eagles Song Waterfront Womens Retreat is located in Coupeville, Washington, on beautiful Whidbey Island.

Owners Tom and Janice Zellers are extremely excited and committed to promoting health and wellness to their clients. They welcome towns people, islanders, tourist and visitors alike to talk with them about a wide range of ways to improve your health & wellness! Feel free to call anytime at 360-320-0435 or 360-320-9207

From hay and grain for the goats to herbs and spices for the cheese, nearly everything that goes into the dairy is produced right here in the Methow Valley. Sunny Pine Farm strives to make cheese that honors the earth, the goat, and your taste buds.


Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt is the yummy outcome of intense competition between members of a slightly yogurt-obsessed family. They make it from the freshest and best ingredients in a time-honored and competition-proven way. It’s their delicious Greek family tradition, and they thought it was time to share. Learn more about Ellenos here

Ferrantes Cafe offers 18 flavors of gelato daily. Ferrante’s is a family-owned italian restaurant on the south hill serving up rich pasta dishes, authentic italian pizza, natural gelato, and even jewelry, candles, and other accessories. It is your one-stop-shop on the south hill for dinner and a little boutique shopping! Stop in for a romantic date night, bring the whole family, or order to-go and enjoy your pasta at home. This is authentic, fresh Italian food and many of the recipes at Ferrante’s go back generations. Learn more here

Terry’s Dairy is a family-owned and operated distributing company run by second and third generation family members. They distribute a full line of dairy products, fluid milk, eggs, butter, cheese and ice cream in retail and foodservice pack sizes to accommodate a wide ranging customer base. They feature quality dairy products manufactured in Washington and Oregon. Their Dairilicious gallons of milk come from a family-owned dairy in Central Washington and are processed in their plant in Warden. They are committed to providing the best products to their customers. Learn more here

Richard and Jill Smith started Pure Eire Dairy with their children in 2009, born out of a desire to control their milk from the ground up. That means caring for their soils to produce quality feed for the cows. The cows then provide high quality milk that they process and bottle. They believe in minimal processing of their milk, and in running a transparent operation. Learn more here

They make locally-sourced, small-batch, hand-made, life-affirming, and most importantly, crazy delicious ice creams. What kind of dairy do they use? They use only the highest quality, grass fed, organic milk and cream from the happy cows at Pure Eire Dairy. Their dairy is not over processed and is sourced locally. They make their mix-ins by hand. They pick the most delicious ingredients from farmers who prioritize organic and sustainable practices—and believe that the freshness of local ingredients just makes their ice creams taste better!



Twenty-Seventh Heaven is owned by a passionate baker who wants to share her scratch-made baked goods with the Spokane area. She specializes in heavenly coffee cake, fresh breads, and delicious cupcakes.

Common Crumb is an artisan bakery in downtown Spokane, Washington, featuring classic French pastries, artisan breads, chocolates, and more. They are looking forward to embracing the surrounding community while introducing a fresh alternative to the growing population of downtown restaurants and bakeries. They have made a vow to partner with and showcase the incredulous labors of local farmers and producers.

Sweetbox Delivery began with one simple goal in mind, to make gaining weight enjoyable! They work with other bakeries to bring you the best of all worlds – locally made baked goods from the best bakeries in town delivered right to your doorstep. They personally specialize in stuffed bagels and cinnamon rolls. Sweetbox Delivery is here to make your life a little sweeter!

Chaps serves Americana comfort food. Located in Spokane, this family owned bakery and restaurant replicates French and European style bakeries. Chaps continues the tradition of providing sumptuous cakes and delightfully unique baked goods, pastries, and breads.

This bakery in North Spokane produces fresh baked breads, treats, sandwiches, salads, salads, quiche, and specialty orders.

Fery’s Cakes

Fery’s Catering and Take-Out, located in Spokane is owned by Fery, a long-established restaurateur and pastry chef. She specializes in catering hor d’oeuvres, lunch, dinner, and dessert – especially cakes. You’ll find her beautiful cakes at My Fresh Basket.

Need-a-Cookie is your shop for high-quality, nutritious, allergy-friendly cookies unlike any you’ll find elsewhere. At Prairie Pantry, they make awesome, no-junk, no-nonsense foods. Even if you don’t have food allergies you will enjoy the unique flavors and textures of Need-a-Cookies. They ensure they have products that do not have any trans fats, GMOs, soy, gluten, xanthan, dairy, eggs, peanuts, almonds.

Sweet P Cupcakes specializes in fresh ingredients with a home baked flavor. They are a custom cupcake business in Spokane, WA baking for all occasions from weddings, showers, birthdays, or any exciting event you may be hosting! Who doesn’t love a cupcake? From sweet crème butter to Madagascar bourbon vanilla, each cupcake is prepared with quality ingredients. Their cupcakes are wrapped, frosted, and sprinkled by hand.

The year was 1986 when the doors opened to Just American Desserts! Eva Roberts and her family saw a need for high quality, from scratch cakes and desserts. They have been going strong for over two decades. “Just American Desserts” specializes in celebration cakes and desserts- which include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby and bridal showers, graduations and “just because”. Only the finest, freshest ingredients are used. The products are made with dairy sour cream, real butter, whipping cream, and pure chocolate.

Spokane’s newest artisanal, vegan, and gluten-free bakery. Selling wholesale and special orders. All items are made to order, never frozen. Using organic and local items when available. Every effort is made to purchase baking supplies that are GMO free. They are currently working out of a commercial kitchen to make their delicious baked goods. Although they are a vegan and gluten-free bakery, their decadent desserts will make you forget that there is anything different about them!

miFlavour is a husband and wife run contemporary bakery based out of Spokane, Washington. Maximus is the Managing Director and Ella is the Executive Pastry Chef. With the help of their employees, they have earned the reputation of offering the best baked products in the northwest backed by five-star customer service.

A wholesale baking company located just up the street from us, Alpine Bakery Co is known for their fresh baked bread & pastries. Specializing in artisan bread & gluten free bread.