Mango Mania at My Fresh Basket

Mango Mania


Mangos are an amazing fruit that has roots from over 5,000 years ago in India! These tasty fruits have fabulous flavor and texture, and can be enjoyed in many different forms or on their own. In honor of the season being in full swing, we wanted to give you a few tips, tricks, and recipes to bring mango into your cooking all summer long!



How to Cut a Mango

It can be hard to figure out how to properly cut a mango. How do you navigate that strange, oval-shaped pit? Turns out, it’s not as tough as we all thought! Easy as 1,2,3! Well, maybe add 4- eating it!


Dessert, Barbecued?

You heard us correctly! You can make a delicious, easy dessert on the BBQ using just these 3 ingredients: Lime, Cane Sugar, and Mango! Simply slice mango into long strips. Next, sprinkle with fresh lime juice and cane sugar, and throw on a grill heated to 400 degrees for 2 minutes each side. Voilá! Serve solo, or with a vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt.


Mango, a Superfood


Guess what- Mango is a superfood! Delicious, and nutritious.

According to Mango.Org, each cup of mango is only 100 calories- definitely a perfect dessert in our book! Here are a list of just a few of the nutrients found in mangos, and what they can do for your body!

Vitamin C– 1 cup is 100% of your daily recommended intake. Boost your immune system, collagen formation, wound healing, and neurologic function. Because we all need a little bit more vitamin C!

Vitamin A– 1 cup provides 35% of your daily recommended intake. Great for eyesight, skin, and bone health.

Folate– 1 cup provides 12% of your daily recommended intake. Folate is important for Red Blood Cell and DNA production, and other cardiovascular functions.


Storage/Ripening Tips and Tricks

-Don’t store mangos in the fridge until they are ripe- once they are refrigerated, they won’t ripen anymore

-Speed up ripening on the counter by putting mangos in a brown paper bag

-Mangos are good for up to 5 days in the fridge once they are ripe


Easy Mango Salsa Recipe

This simple recipe is the perfect side for taco Tuesday all summer long! It’s refreshing, tangy, sweet, and spicy! Recipe courtesy of



-2 Mangos diced

-1/3 cup finely diced

-1 lime juiced

-1 jalapeno finely diced

-1 handful cilantro, finely diced


Combine all, mix thoroughly, and store in an airtight refrigerated container for up to 5 days. Serve chilled with chips, guacamole, tacos, fish, or whatever you’d like!

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