Gardening tips from My Fresh Basket

April showers bring May Flowers here at My Fresh Basket

As the weather heats up and we start to head outside, it’s time to get going on gardening! To help out our customers who maybe don’t have a green thumb but want to try a little bit of gardening this season, we decided to interview our floral manager Tina! Here’s a few of her favorite tips and tricks to get started this spring:

  1. Put marigolds around the border of your garden- it will keep insects out of your flowers, particularly aphids!
  2. Try planting an herb garden this year- they are wonderful for outside pots on your porch if you don’t have a large yard, and you can eat them! Try mint, parsley, chives, basil, or thyme to start! You can use these herbs in some simple sauces, salads, or for infusing oil or alcohol. For some recipe inspiration, visit our recipe database right here
  3. Rock gardens are also a beautiful and low-maintenance option: Try moss roses, which come in a variety of beautiful colors and will grow all summer long. In the spring you can collect their seeds to plant more!

Let us know which of these tips you are going to try, or if you have more for our list! Happy spring!